About Me

Steven Christian Reed is a professional British artist. Painting and drawing has always played an important role in Steven’s life, born in 1979 in Swansea, Wales, UK. He received his BA and MA at Kingston University, United Kingdom.

Steven’s surroundings often provide the starting point for his work. Inspired by nature and intrigued by the fluctuating effects of light, Steven’s  paintings are often infused with pattern, colour, texture and the fluidity  of lines. Working with paint, he explores the potential of different mediums, in some paintings producing complex structures of colour and form in which everyone sees something different. His work comprises mainly acrylic paintings, watercolour, ink drawings, collage and mixed–media.

Parts of his work often verge towards abstraction. Unusual and calming compositions fused with the fluid present mark of hand encourage the viewer to look at their environment in a new way, capturing a mood and reminiscence.

Steven has exhibited widely throughout the UK, France and Brazil in solo, joint and group shows. His paintings are in many collections in France, the United States, Cyprus, South Africa, Canada and United Kingdom. Steven works regularly to commissions for prestigious clientele and patrons including royalty.